Revolutionising Cardiovascular Diagnosis

Clinicians and engineers working together to set a new standard for world-class cardiovascular diagnostic tools

Ultromics leverages artificial intelligence and one of the world’s largest imaging databases to improve diagnostic accuracy to greater than 90%.

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Echocardiography uses sound waves to image the heart. Because of its unparalleled safety profile, low cost and ease of deployment echo is the most widely used cardiac imaging test. Heart disease affects almost 50% of people over the age of 40 — making it the biggest killer globally. However, making a diagnosis from echo relies on experienced clinicians having to make qualitative judgements based on only a fraction of the data that is potentially available to them from a typical scan.

Ultromics’ technology, developed at the University of Oxford, extracts more than 80,000 data points from a single echocardiogram image to overcome subjectivity and increase diagnostic accuracy of coronary heart disease from 80% to >90%.

Ultromics’ applications analyse all these data points using machine-learning techniques and have the potential to yield new, objective and highly diagnostic metrics about cardiac function and disease.

Anticipating the launch of our first stand-alone stress echocardiography product for cardiologists in 2019, underpinned by clinically-validated and exclusively-licensed intellectual property, Ultromics also have a future product pipeline growing out of one of the world’s largest research databases of echo images.

Tanarra first invested in Ultromics in May 2018.